Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please help iam miserable i still love my ex even though i know in my heart there is no future with him?

im still very much in love with my ex boyfriend we broke up over a year ago im now in college 2 hours away from home he has a boyfriend named tom and he has a child on the way from one of his previous exes that he dated after me. So i am almost certain we would never have another chance togehter. Hes more likley to get with the mother of his child before me however...He was my first love in everyway he even took my virginity we were together over a year which really is the blink of an eye. Yet, for some reason im stuck on him and the past. Im constantly haunted by memories of him and i and the things we used to do together and things we said. We are still friends and i wish to remain so.I am having trouble coming to terms with the fac tthat hes having a baby with a mutual friend of mine b/c i still love him.I just want to make peace with everything and move on. I feel like i will never find love again... how can i just get over this and be happy in my life again?Please help iam miserable i still love my ex even though i know in my heart there is no future with him?
Well if he has a boyfriend than he is gay and your prediction sounds accurate in that case. Otherwise if that is a typo or something than you need to realize no one can see into the future aside from God. You do not know what the future holds for the two of you, so you should rely on what you feel and follow your heart. If you love him then go to him, tell him and let him decide how he feels and if he chooses to follow his heart then maybe you two will work out. Usually those feelings are there for a reason and if you ignore them than you may miss out on what was meant to be. Good luck!

-NmD!Please help iam miserable i still love my ex even though i know in my heart there is no future with him?
accept him for the person he is and the life he has chosen i know its hard sweetie but i am offering my help and support i am kind of going through similiar circumstances feel fre to contact me.....meeowf
first of all, u have to think positive and convince ur self that u will have another love. being ur first love,u may not forget him,but the best u can do is just to keep him at heart,and avoid any communication with him,plus doing things that remind u of him.u can also try having a new relationship,coz it will help u get over ur frustration.one year is still a little time,so ur wound is still fresh,which means if u give it more time,u might be able to get over him.if u didn't know,honei,time heals all wounds and may be some day,it will heal urs. in this life,people always fall in and out of love and each relationship u get in,u feel like it is better than the previous one,simply because,u never know what u have been missing,until it arrives. good luck dear.
well he has a boyfriend named Tom, well girl get over him quick and a baby too...naw let the thought go........give yourself time to find someone else
everything has to run it's course. you can't just stop loving a person just cause you have problems and they hurt you. get involved with other activities, try making new friends, and stop thinking of the things the two of you use to do. you don't need to be his friend right now. you need space. it sounds like he takes relationships for granted anyway.
hey bobbo

well sounds like u kno the answer. you said urself that there is no future with him. Im sorry that you are hurting and missing him so much, but I dont think it would be healthy to be with him. It takes time to get over a relationship but you can do it. Each day will get a little better. You WILL be happy again and you WILL find love!!!!
honey..go get a life cos you can nvr forget him. Just put him in one part of your heart and carry on with ur life....
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