Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help! i still love my ex boyfriend?

He sent me a text a month ago saying hat he met someone else, that he was really sorry, that he hates himself and that i don't deserve to be hurt. I was devastated but during the holidays i felt like i got over him but i've been back at school for three weeks and i realized i still love much.

When school started again, he came up to me and said hi and asked if i was okay. At the time i was enraged and i snapped ';What do you think??'; and walked away. We haven't talked since.

The girl he left me for is called Caroline* (who is not the slightest bit pretty i might add, and FAT). They've been together for almost a month and i heard that it wasn't going so well. Apparently, he has been blowing her off and she is getting upset.

I catch him glancing at me a lot and i hate it because he must think i hate him when i really don't. All my friends tell me he isn't worth it and i should hate him (however, this sure as hell doesn't stop THEM from hanging out with him) but i don't. I don't think i am capable of hating him. I love him too much...

What should i do?? I can't tell him how i feel because i would look like a total idiot and everyone would think i was totally pathetic.. Even though i know what kid of an asshole he really is it doesn't stop me from loving him. My heart wants to get back together with him but my head tells me to stay away from him

There is this other guy i like who flirts with me sometimes but i don't think he is interested, which makes me feel worse about myself and makes me think about my ex even more...

Please help!Help! i still love my ex boyfriend?
First, if a guy is flirting with you, he is interested in you at least a little. How much you let develop is up to you.

If you want your ex back, leave the door open for him to make up with you. Talk to him in a friendly way. As time goes on, start to flirt with him. If he wants you back, chances are he will let you know, or at least give an indication.
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