Friday, August 20, 2010

How would u feel & what would u do if your ex befriended the people who robbed, beat, & sent u 2 emergencyroom?

I was ';jumped'; and beaten up my 4 teens. They are neighbors/aquaintances of my ex. They live like 5 houses apart from my ex.

I was robbed of $200, sent to the ER by ambulance covered in blood from head-to-toe. All my clothes ruined. I got a dislocated shoulder which will take 3 months to heal with physical therapy, a facial laceration which will scar for life, a black eye, a broken battered nose, fractured fingers, and now I have post-tramatic stress disorder, etc

I could have easily became a quadriplegic if I didnt see the guy tackling me from behind. My head could have smashed against the cement.

The thing is, my ex saw me bleeding at the gas station 5 minutes after I was assaulted. The cashier called 911, but my ex didnt even bother to wait with me for the ambulance to arrive.

My ex said '; i have to work tomorrow'; and left me!! I passed out on the gas station floor 5 minutes later.

Days later, my ex said the real reason that my ex left me was to go back home and continue ';partying.';

To add further insult to injury, my ex said had it been someone that my ex cared about, then my ex would have stayed and waited for the ambulance to arrive... and would have even gone to the hospital with them.

Just days after I was attacked, I find out my ex invited the same people responsible for setting up my assault to my ex's house. My ex invited these people to smoke weed, and hang out, and even have sex!

Why would my ex do that?

My ex said ';I dont know what happened, or who's responsible for your assault so I can hang out with whoever I want'; ....even though I told my ex several times exactly who was responsible for my assault %26amp; battery, and armed robbery.

WTF is going on with my ex? We dated on-and-off for a year, and my ex knows i fell in love. My ex use to call me 10 times a day ,and now my ex does this to me?

I know my ex has been diagnosed with bipolar-1 (and minor schizoaffective disorder) but my God!

My ex wont even admit that we dated for 3 months. My ex now claims we only dated for 6 days! LOL

Why would I have my ex's picture on my credit card if we only dated for 6 days?

I had my ex's picture on my credit card for a full year, then suddenly out of the blue my ex claims I never had ';permission'; to put the picture on my credit card! WTF?

Why would my ex wait a full year to tell me I didnt have ';permission';, when my ex even used that credit card several times throughout the year?

I guess my question is: how would you feel if you sustained so much pain, financial loss, and time lost through physical therapy...and then your ex blatantly abandoned you to almost die alone at the gas station after a viciouis assault?

It's almost as if my ex was involved somehow.

Seriously? Who would invite these people into their house to share laughs about a vicious assault and robbery, when these people *KNEW* your ex was going to get assaulted and said nothing?

Anyways, what would you do? How would you feel?

My ex's actions spoke louder than any words could have. My ex's actions (or lack of action) told me that my ex feels no responsibility whatsoever for me, or to me at all anymore.

My ex is obviously a person without a conscience.

Your thoughts...How would u feel %26amp; what would u do if your ex befriended the people who robbed, beat, %26amp; sent u 2 emergencyroom?
Forget about her! She is no better than the company she keeps. Move on with your life.How would u feel %26amp; what would u do if your ex befriended the people who robbed, beat, %26amp; sent u 2 emergencyroom?
Your ex is involved in your attack. Go to the police.

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