Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to deal with my ex-husband and his racist fiancee?

My ex-husband and his fiancee have been making racist remarks about African-Americans, Asians, and other ethnicities in front of our children. I am African-American and my ex is Caucasion. My 4 year old daughter asked me what a ';n*****'; was and why does her daddy and his fiancee hate them so much. My ex even told my boyfriend that he should not be wasting his time ';with a stank monkey';. The fiancee called my house and said that she did not want my ';crossbred monkeys'; in her house. I don't understand this! My ex was not like this before otherwise we never would have gotten married. Why is this happening now and what can I do to protect my children and myself from this garbage?How to deal with my ex-husband and his racist fiancee?
Im not sure what to tell you but that man can not possibly know what she is saying about his children. If he does he needs his head examined. I was in a interacial relationship and we have a son. Now Im in a relationship with a man of my race and he loves my son more then anything in this world. I would never be in a relationship with a white man who couldn't understand my past. Your ex may be hurt by your break up but there is no excuse for what the fiancee said about your children to you. I would definitely talk to the ex alon and see if he is aware of what she said to you about his kids. I would also consult a lawyer cause there is no way that my child/ren would around that woman.How to deal with my ex-husband and his racist fiancee?
Well don't let him have your children and explain to the kids they are not ******* they are what people call half breeds. They'll understand if not now one day they will. Almost forgot at the same time tell them that's why they love chicken. :)
i'd say talk to your lawyer.

i would think that you would have some kind of proof other than ';he said she said';
Dont let him see his children until he willing to stop this verbal abuse.
Tell them they're made out of dirt like everyone else and their **** still stinks.
I would talk to your lawyer about this.

And don't allow your darling in her house.

Tell a judge what you told us and if I was that judge I'd tell your ex he is not allowed to see his children anymore.

Pastor Art
Well this means that he hates his kids then, because they too are African-American and Caucasian. You need to start recording the conversations but first tell him that due too all the hostile comments about his child as well as yours, and the comments made to you....that you will now be recording all conversations, this may be the only way to keep them from seeing the children. Your children do not need to be in this type of environment.....this is abuse, especially if she and he are called the children these names. It is wrong, and it is sad for their father to choose some racist good for nothing b*t*c* like her over his own flesh and blood. It is your job to protect your children form him and her, that is your job as their mother.
oh no she didn't..??? who does she think she is.. i would talk to a lawyer about making it so he could not see the child unless it is at your house... and don't send the child back there.. you don't know how she will treat the children.. he is a idiot to let someone come between him and his child..make it so he don't have regular visitation..
someone has his testicles in a vise grip... if your ex's girlfriend doesn't want HIS children to be in her house then abide by her wishes... don't let him see them... let him explain to his children that his girlfriend is more of a man than he is and he has to do what she says .....
He probably isn't like that, but he acts that way to go along with his fiancee.

Not only to hurt you, but to make sure that she thinks he is thinking the same as her.

Also understand, when she calls and refers to his children as ';crossbred monkeys'; he most likely doesn't know about it.

I can't see any real father allowing his children to be referred to that way.

He said what he said to your bf out of spite and jelousy.

There is no easy answer to this question, you are in a very difficult situation.

Keeping your kids away from this is hard to do if he has visitation.
Wow, hard to believe that he would turn into such a racist. Perhaps he is ticked off due to the divorce, and is taking it out in a bigoted manner. Hope you can keep the kids away from this junk. Good luck.

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