Friday, August 20, 2010

Seeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?

Okay, so tomorrow I'm seeing my ex-boyfriend again, the first time in 2 months. We dated seven months, he called it quits although the feeling was mutual. He wanted ';to see other people.';

He has a new girlfriend, they have been dating for a few weeks. She is really rude %26amp; nasty to me. My Ex even told me she hated me, because she thought I was a threat.

We have been talking more lately, %26amp; he went as far as to say that he ';hopes we can get back together someday';. As well as play flirts with me (through text %26amp; over the phone) He still sticks up for his girlfriend with annoys me a bit, I would have no problem with her if she didn't treat me so bad.

Anyways, I'm seeing him tomorrow over a mutual friend's get-together.

May sound silly, but I don't know how to act or what to say.

I'm afraid it might be awkward.

His girlfriend won't be there btw.

Thank You!

*Hayley(:Seeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?
hey hayley, u might not like wat im about to say but please dont make the same stupid mistake i did thinkin ur ex still hoped something would still happen btween u2, however i believed that and like u he had a nu gf and always stuck up for her. he wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together yet he would go home to her txtn me and telln me i was the onli 1 for him and he ***** wait to c me. hes playin u jus lik my ex im sorry sweetie but i dont want u to get hurt the way i did i was a mess after we broke up and it didnt help that he was doin this. ul meet someone else. move on. u mite think tht yeh easier z than done and yeh its not gna b easy but i cn now look at my ex and think wt did i ever c in u? and 1 day thtl happen 4 u. im nt sayn its gna b easy but dnt let him put u bk to square 1..

good luck chick xxSeeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?
Just try to be friendly and natural, don't try to hard to force anything. Don't be flirty with him though because that would make you look pretty pathetic knowing he has a girlfriend.

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