Friday, August 20, 2010

I dont know what to do my EX wants me back?

Ok so a couple weeks ago i broke up w/ my ex bc i caught her talk to her ex boyfriend multiple time and not just ';hey how are you' but things like i love you, i miss you, one time she even told him that she was single. and she talk to other guys just bc she likes the attention, she admitted that. i just grew so tired of it, it was so wrong and unfair. she says its all bc her first bf messed her head up so bad so now she craves attention from guys bc he never gave her any. But after a couple of time of pouring my heart out and tellin her how much that she hurt me by sayin those things to her ex bf, she continued to do it so i had to break it off.

when i first broke it off i knew that would be only way for her to realize things and that i hoped she would change and we could work it out. of course i was down and missed her like crazy. but after a little while i felt better and like i was ready to just move on. So about a week ago she started callin again alot saying how much see missed me and is sorry. so we started hangin out some again, she says she will change and that she knows she needs to fix things.

I just dont know what to do she seems so sincere but still. im really stuck. sometimes i think just go and move on she wont change. then i think maybe she will change and im pushing away something good. Its just tough bc now when we hang out all i can think about is oh great who is she talking to now.

She has started seeing a pyschiatrist since she knows she has some issues and she ';says'; that one of the main things she talks about with them is how she likes attention and how she keeps talkin to her ex even though she has no true feelings for him. I dunno what to do, it seems like she really wants to fix things but who knows if she will and if so how long will i have to wait around for it.

I thought about just givin it a rest w/ her for a while so she can get herself straight. i just feel like its now or never though. like we will be too far down are own paths later on to work anything outI dont know what to do my EX wants me back?
Don't do it. Ex's are ex's for a reason. It is possible for an ex to change, but it takes time. They need time to realize the error of their ways and to suffer the consequences of their actions so that they don't ever want to repeat the same mistakes. Enough time hasn't lapsed for her to change. If you take her back now, you're just showing her that she can do whatever she wants and you'll still be there.

Date other people and try not to thing about her. Give her time to realize that she can't disrespect those she loves and still expect them to be there for her. If it's meant to be it'll be...eventually.

ETA - I didn't read all your details before but now i see you say that you've already given it time. It sounds like she wants to change. If you feel like you've given it enough time (and by time, i mean @ least a few months), then give her another chance. But let her now she can't talk to ex's or disrespect your feelings anymore. Good luck!I dont know what to do my EX wants me back?
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