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Need advice on my Ex?

Is it possible to fall in love with someone after 2months, break up with them and still wanna be with them 3months later? Even tho you no, you tell yourself that she wasnt worth your time, that you could do better, find someone else that just might love you for who you are and NOT who you MIGHT be

Is it possibe to love someone who never made the time to see you, call you and was allways busy doing un-important things, meeting up with other guys or just crying to you about her Ex even tho you hadnt heard or spoken to her in the last 2days

If so how? If so why, how can we love such a person, was it love or was that what i told myself to help me get threw a dark period of time in my life. I might only be 18, stressed out and confused about her, telling myself that i never loved her, that i hated her and that i dont need her but was i ever in love with her?

It couldnt of been love, or was it?Need advice on my Ex?
Screw love, it damn near sounds like obsession. You sound like you're driving yourself crazy thinking about her the way you do. Let it go man. If she isn't willing or ready to let go of the past, then she can't possibly be ready to start a future with you. You need a woman who isn't so heartbroken and bitter about the past. I'd also like to add, that if she talks to you about her ex-boyfriend, she sees you as a friend with a shoulder to cry on, not a future boyfriend. Good luck to you.


My best frand likes my ex!! ?

my best frand likes my ex.

we went rollar skating yesterday.

and she told me that she liked him.

and i think that i still like him too.

like i think its more then like its love.

and like she kept talking about him.

and she kept calling him hawt and everything.

but she was being a ***** to him yesteday and she was being ';hard to get';

and it just hurts me to see him getting treated like that by her.

and it really really hurts me for her to be talking about my ex.

even tho i have a boyfrand i dont have a connection with him as much as i have one with my ex.

he kissed me yesteday when my boyfrand wasnt looking.

i really dont know anything anymore.

and my best frand knows that im mad at her cuz i ignored her the whole night yesteday.

and i wont pick up her calls.

but like seriously how can she NOT expect me to be mad at her ?My best frand likes my ex!! ?
My best friend did that to me. She was like ';Uhm, I think I like Mike. What would you think if I went out with him?'; so I was like ';I'd feel pissed, angry, betrayed etc';. She went out with him anyway. I'm still mad at her for it. Yeah I have a new boyfriend and he's amazingg and I'm wondering what I ever saw in my ex, but the betrayal hurts.

Then she and I were talking one day and she was like ';Well you weren't mad for that long'; and I was like ';actually I was mad for a long time';

I want my ex back, but dnt know how to tell him i gave my virginity to another guy?!?

i got two guys in my life and they both cool and there own ways. the thing is i still love my ex even tho we broke up 2 years ago and he loves me too, but i cnt be with him cuz i dnt noe how to tell him i gave my virginity to another guy!

the other guy is my current boyfriend AND we been together for a year, but i dnt love him.

but i dnt want to hurt him, he is in love with me.

so should i stay with my ex or be with some 1 i dnt like so i dnt hurt himI want my ex back, but dnt know how to tell him i gave my virginity to another guy?!?

ok. ...

if you love your ex and you know he loves you back than i don't think he would care a lot, to never even speak to you

he might feel a little betrayed but that would be a way to really truly see if he really loves you because he won't really put your relationship on the lineI want my ex back, but dnt know how to tell him i gave my virginity to another guy?!?
you don't have to tell him unless he ask you. and when he does just tell him straight out

I need help with my ex-girlfriend.?

I recently got together with a girl I have liked for quite a long time, and everything was going great for a week. We coulnd't stop telling eachother how much we cared for one another, and how lucky we were to have eachother.. but today something horrible happend. She told me in a note that when she is with me, all she could see was her ex-boyfriend. Her ex was very abusive, which makes it really hard for her. She said she just wanted to be friends so she doesn't end up breaking my heart, which ironically has allready been done. I love her more than anything, and I just don't know what to do. I can't just forget about her.. like I said, I know that I love her. Should I help her get through her problem with her ex? Even if I can't be with her anymore, I just hate to think that she is hurting and that there is nothing I am doing about it. My heart feels torn, as does any when it gets borken of course, but its a sefless hurt. I feel afraid for her more then I feel sorry for myself.I need help with my ex-girlfriend.?
This is a problem that she should work out on her own. You can be there as a friend, but I wouldn't get too involved. She should talk things over with a therapist because there are psychological reasons as to why she seeks out abusive men. My guess is that you are a good boyfriend, thoughtful, caring, etc., and this does not excite her. It's unfortunate, but that's just how she is wired right now.

Take things easy for a bit and just let her work on things. You say that you love her, but if she doesn't love you back, it really isn't much of a relationship anyway.I need help with my ex-girlfriend.?
She may be overwhelmed, or scared by the initial intesity of your week. She may be doubting her feelings, because of the bad experience she had before. If I were you, I would let her have some time to work through some of the old issues she has with her ex. Tell her you will be there to talk through it, if she wants. But tell her you can't keep seeing her, until she has worked through the past, and is ready for a healthy relationship.
OMG Im So Sorry For Both Of You...=[

What I Think You Should Do Even Though It May Hurt You So Much.....I Think You Should Stay Friends With Her And Help Her Get Over Her Ex And Mabe Get Another Fried Aswell To Help?

Then Mabe After She Is Over Him(you might not have the same feelings then?) you should ask her could you take you really good relationship further?

well i hope i helped and everything is goign to be really ok
Often when something like abuse occurs it takes years for the memories to fade, and some never go away. Give her some time to recover from the emotional (and in this case possibly physical) scars that she may have, and once she's ready, if she really loves you, she'll let you know.

For now just try to help her on the road to recovery, and try to give advice in a friendly (not boy-friendly) way.
Having been where she is, she probably will hurt you. It's not about you it's about never wanting to put herself in such a situation again. If you are patient and tell her you will stick it out with her... never make her feel bad about being with this jerk either... then she may reconsider. If that fails, maybe giving her some time to think and get over it all she may have a change of mind...
Something like this can be hard to get over but you will. Hope for the best but expect the worst. You can try to talking face to face with the girl she told you something in a note so im assuming your still in junior high school?? Either way there are still many fish in the sea. Good luck!
The process of healing after a breakup takes longer for some people. Just give her some time, dont expect her to rush and give u an ultimatum any time soon. Relax, let her know that u care and are willing to wait, and maybe sooner than u think, she will be ready to take a step. time is very important, so for now, just chill.
ok well after a week after seeing eachother you guys should not be taking it to that level. If she is not over her ex than you need to give her time. If it works out, it works out. If not than you need to move on
you are in a tough situation and its really up to you whether you want to help her or not. Will helping her make you feel better? Or will it make you want her more? Its nice to help someone forget their past but it might come with a consequence.
okay well all you can really do is be there for her right now. Just try helping her through it and show her that you are not the same as mr. a** hole back there. Make her feel comfortable and safe.
well i know that she still likes you but she is hurt so badly that shes so afraid to get hurt again. and well you could tell her that you love her and you are never going to hurt her.

i hope it helped
Assure her that you and her ex are two different people, and that you would NEVER do the same thing to hurt her. If she still sees the ex, maybe she just can't let go of the past...
You should explain to her how you feel and that you are worried about her, she will come back he will hurt her just be there for her for now until she realizes that you are the one for her!!
i think if you helped her get threw what she is going threw you might have another chance with her and you would be helping her which would show her you care and that your there for her.
usually when they say this.. even tho there ex is abusive they still love there ex... this is just how girls r they wanna be boss around
Forget about her you dont need to deal with a girl like that. You need a girl who appreciates you....seriously...
give her some time. be her friend through all of this. i think she will get over it and move on. hopefully she will move on to you :)

Talk to her
nothing much just give her time oh if u need dome one to talk to my friend is free tel her lindy her mindless friend told u

those are the words of you actually loving her!

You seem to be a very caring person. And if that is true, you need to allow her some time to heal. As hard as it may be, she might not end up back with you. But I believe you will be okay either way.

It's like they say ';If its meant to be it will be';

So give her ';wings'; and she will come back if its true.

Good luck!

p.s. if you CAN help her and she allows you to help her, more power to you!
Well... I am sorry you feel that way. Just be her friend for now. A lot of girls can't just bounce back after a relationship even a abusive one! Show her that you are okay with that.Even though you may hurt inside. Send her some flower and a card tell her that you are there for her. She will see that you are not anything like her ex. She may start to think that you are the greatest person and may like you for more than a friend.
ok tis is what you can do. go and talk to her about what she might want and if she tells you that she want you then listen to her, she's not lieing to you if she says that to you. and dif she says that she wants her ex-boyfriend back then if you love her you will let her go back because it's what she wants to do

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  • How would you feel if your ex slept with the people who robbed you of $200 & sent you to the emergency room?

    I was viciously attacked, beaten, and robbed of $200. I was covered in blood from head-to-toe and taken by ambulance to the emergency room suffering from a dislocated shoulder, broken nose, black eye, and facial lacerations.

    The emergency room visit cost $6500 alone. My health insuarance was billed $15,000 fro mall the rehab, etc.

    I had to spend months in physical therapy to rehabilitate my painful dislocated shoulder.

    Anyways, my ex lives in the same neighborhood where i was violently attacked and robbed. He actually saw me covered in blood from head-to-toe waiting for the ambulance at the gas station, but he abandoned me at the gas station claiming he ';had to work tomorrow.';

    He never called to see how i was that entire week.

    Anyways, I found out my ex invited the people who ';set me up'; to get jumped into his home to party. These are the same people who KNEW i was going to get jumped and said nothing. M yex invited them all into his HOME to party with them, and smoke weed together with them, and LAUGH about what happened to me.

    This is just DAYS after I was attacked and almost killed. My ex even had sex with one of them!

    Not only was I viciously atacked and robbed, I now suffer from Post Traumatic Stres Disorder.

    How would you feel if your ex treated you that way and did all that to you?How would you feel if your ex slept with the people who robbed you of $200 %26amp; sent you to the emergency room?
    personally, i would want to kill him. that is awful someone would do that to you. next time, find a better person to date. how could he just leave you at a gas station?How would you feel if your ex slept with the people who robbed you of $200 %26amp; sent you to the emergency room?
    i should think it feels awful. keep well away from him and them other people, don't even give them time of day they are not worth is, don't let them know or see how badly it has effected you as they will like that, the biggest thing you can do is show them how strong you are. so what if he slept with one of them, your well rid, move on be strong x
    Pretty shitty.
    Absolutely nothing because an ex is an ex, but if he did have something to do with it then a War starts.

    Rebound and ex very confused?

    I recently seperated from my fiance about 3 months ago, during that time I guess I got lonely and started seeing this other guy. I never gotten completely over my ex even though I seperated from him because of cheating issues on his part. I still love him and want to be with him its just a matter of rebuild the trust if I can and Ive been afraid to give it another try. He keeps telling me he has changed and he wants to be with me. He never physically cheated on me but he had online flirting relationships with women, recieving inappropriate pictures. Now I have this other guy in the picture and he is so sweet to me and he is so much fun to be around he could be a great boyfriend, he is trying to be patient. I really like him at the same time and would like to get to know him better I just dont know how I would fit in his life he is twice my age. I feel like I have made a mess I am torn between two guys. I like him yet I still love my ex, and I dont know who to move forward with.Rebound and ex very confused?
    Follow your heart...and do the right thing... you know deep down inside who you REALLY want.Rebound and ex very confused?
    Wait! Just because he didn't physically cheat, he emotionally cheated--just as bad and remember, if he'll cheat emotionally, he will most likely cheat physically. So don't try to excuse his actions, which you are doing.

    I think you don't understand that for a guy to ';change'; is not easy and they just take their cheating covert. So, you will find it very difficult to trust him again and it will take lots of time to have him prove himself again.

    I think your ';rebound'; sounds like a great guy, too bad he is a rebound. That is a very immature thing to do to another person, so I feel for him since you said he is great.

    My opinion is this; dump the ex and tell the rebound that you want to take things slow, but you still want to take things down a path of getting to know each other.

    After that, if rebound is still patient, I suggest you really get over the ex and start to heal and move on. Counseling, talk therapy, would be good for you to get this out and see what an unbiased person says too.
    Forget the ex, look for the next.

    The dude twice your age isn't after your youth, he is after his own..doesn't seem like a great option either.

    I think you should start completely from scratch.

    Be single for awhile and itll be a matter of time youll find someone new. without all the drama and the weight of the past.

    a completely new start. :)

    Seeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?

    Okay, so tomorrow I'm seeing my ex-boyfriend again, the first time in 2 months. We dated seven months, he called it quits although the feeling was mutual. He wanted ';to see other people.';

    He has a new girlfriend, they have been dating for a few weeks. She is really rude %26amp; nasty to me. My Ex even told me she hated me, because she thought I was a threat.

    We have been talking more lately, %26amp; he went as far as to say that he ';hopes we can get back together someday';. As well as play flirts with me (through text %26amp; over the phone) He still sticks up for his girlfriend with annoys me a bit, I would have no problem with her if she didn't treat me so bad.

    Anyways, I'm seeing him tomorrow over a mutual friend's get-together.

    May sound silly, but I don't know how to act or what to say.

    I'm afraid it might be awkward.

    His girlfriend won't be there btw.

    Thank You!

    *Hayley(:Seeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?
    hey hayley, u might not like wat im about to say but please dont make the same stupid mistake i did thinkin ur ex still hoped something would still happen btween u2, however i believed that and like u he had a nu gf and always stuck up for her. he wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together yet he would go home to her txtn me and telln me i was the onli 1 for him and he ***** wait to c me. hes playin u jus lik my ex im sorry sweetie but i dont want u to get hurt the way i did i was a mess after we broke up and it didnt help that he was doin this. ul meet someone else. move on. u mite think tht yeh easier z than done and yeh its not gna b easy but i cn now look at my ex and think wt did i ever c in u? and 1 day thtl happen 4 u. im nt sayn its gna b easy but dnt let him put u bk to square 1..

    good luck chick xxSeeing My Ex-Bf, 1st Time In Months?! HELP!!!?
    Just try to be friendly and natural, don't try to hard to force anything. Don't be flirty with him though because that would make you look pretty pathetic knowing he has a girlfriend.