Friday, August 20, 2010

DepreSSed over can I really move on, at all..?

I need some advices to get over this depressing mood im having becoz ive been thinking alot of my EX even though I told him 2 weeks back that we should absolve from this r/s totally. He has been a violent %26amp; verbally abusive person after 6 months of knowing him. He used to be nice %26amp; sweet until one short quarrel sparked it all and I got punched oy right arm that got really bruised. I didnt reported him coz he just started his new job %26amp; i didnt want to get him into trouble.

Recently, he got me pregnant. Insisted that i aborted it so that we can still continue our future. The strange thing was having stayed with him the past year, i didnt get pregnant and now that we are apart and seemed that he only meet me for sex, i accidentaly got it. We are both 31 by the way.

After considering much options, i decided to keep the baby and probably go back to exhubby who is still treating me well, and now that he knows im with child, he even went with me to get some maternity wear. I know for sure my child will be in better hands with my exhubby than with this EX ! But yet, i couldn't get myself to hate or not think about this jerk. When it rains or shines, i would wonder if hes coping alright etc. I dont know WHY im feeling this way and im so tempted to send him a text msg which i didn't of course.

Im wondering how would a BOY like him not show me any basic kind of care %26amp; concern to me. And he said it is thru sex he could feel my love ! I was really hurt by that remark.

I really want to move on without thinking about this jerk anymore, but i cant help it that hes always at the back of my head... :(

Advices pls....DepreSSed over can I really move on, at all..?
Hun, it sounds like having your ex in the back of your head is nothing to the things you would be going through had you stayed with him. You need to think about your kid and pick the more stable guy if only for them. It takes time but there ARE better people out there for you. Work on getting angry, you should get there eventually, but you need to love yourself and put yourself and your child ahead of your ex. DepreSSed over can I really move on, at all..?
Jus *** him hes such a bastard he dont deserve you

Can someone please help me;鈥?/a>

You need some alone time and WAKE UP !

Why are you jumping from one looser back to another you broke up with already , You are so unstable ,......TAKE A BREAK , YOU DON'T NEED ANYONE !
This man seems to want his fun but does not want any commitment with you.He's so afraid of you being pregnant.Why? Coz you are not his choice of a serious partner but for fun. With pregnancy, it spells responsibilities. For a man who is not even serious about relationships in the 1st place, ofcourse he will want to opt out. He even want you to murder his own child! What kind of a devil can he be!??He's a real nasty BOY, not man! Be glad this scum is out of your life for good!You are best with your ex-hubby. This should be a lesson for you to realise who is the real MAN for you!
I have never been if that type of relationship but trust me I have seen plenty... The reason you are having such a hard time getting over him is because you treated you so bad... Its hard to get over them because you feel uncompleted... He hurt you more then just physically... I don't have the answer of getting over him but what i do know is that time really does cure everything... Just stay away from him avoid him at all cost... don't go looking at old pictures or listing to old voice mails... Just erase him... Trust me I know its hard but it eventually works... And just focus on all the bad things about him!!! well I hope that helps...
It's ok to think about your ex sometimes (even though he turned into an ******). If it's taking over your life, try to find something else to focus on. Start a new hobby or class or activity that you enjoy, alone, with your friends, or with your current bf/husband. Keep yourself busy in a healthy and positive way, and it'll help alot. Beyond that, don't beat yourself up over it. Avoid contacting him though. If you want to, call somebody else. Or ask a friend if when you get tempted to contact him if you can call her instead. As long as you don't abuse the priviledge, she'll probably be ok with this.
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