Friday, August 20, 2010

In love with my ex?

I broke up from my ex 2 months and a half, we always used to fight and had very different perspectives,we met face to face the other day and even if we just spoke,he said feelings run deep and it caught me off guatd,i am with a guy who is very faithfull and amazing but my mind is in a whirlwind and i realise I still love my ex even if he is teh total opposit of my guy we want to stay friends but,i don`t know how to get rid of this feeling inside.In love with my ex?
this situation u have come up in is the same, which almost every individual goes through after they break off..but as u said ur realtionship was not that promising and had many differnt opinions betwen u both..i advice to give a wait to ur fellings and let him show a sign of come back..and try maintain the relationship of trust with ur new friend which u say is dont be in a delemma and u aslo be trustworthy to him..see the reactions or sign of ur ';ex'; and thn take a decision...beacuse i will end with qoute which rather suits to u

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”In love with my ex?
Do not get back with your EX, it will not work since it didn't worked the first time. In time you'll get over him.
hay .. u really love you ex than your present guy.. thats the reason behind you feelings even after 2.5 months and after getting a bf like whom u was searching and whom you expected..

try to speak with your ex in a lonely place and you both take an extra time .. definetly a good decision will come ..
i will tell you something, this ex-friendship tthing does not work especially if you still have feelings for someone. u will start by saying someone is your friend and then when you see him with someone you react to that. and trust me you don't wanna put ur guy thru that,he does not deserve it.the feelings will always be there if u truly love him,so don't get too close...i mean that wont be fair to you neither,it will be as if you are working backwards,and after all wat came between the two of u in the first place might still come between the two of u. if u were not able to sort it out while together there is no gurantee that u will after u have been apart.

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