Friday, August 20, 2010

Ex girlfriend/ borderline personality disorder/ want her back?

for the record.. i am still in love with my ex.. even though she has bpd.. i did research and read books alas it was after she left me.. however i was talking with some of her friends, and even though she is dating a new guy now she still ';likes me';. The last thing i heard from her straight her was ';i hate you, your a loser, i wasted a year and half with you, i'm embarrassed, don't ever talk to me again or i'll place a restraining order on you.'; The day before she broke up with me she was telling me how she wanted to get engaged for christmas and get pregnant this summer? anyhow... anyone have experience with a bpd ex girlfriend? will she come back? I am not talking to her it's been over a month but i plan to contact her by the time summer rolls around (4 months from now).. I still love her and even though she is dating a new guy i don't think it will work out.. any suggestions or ideas? we dated for a year and a half and her longest bf before that was like 5 monthsEx girlfriend/ borderline personality disorder/ want her back?
Yes she will come back - and it will be the best three weeks of your life - then she will tell you that she hates you and wants you out of her life - and when you leave - she will call you and accuse you of abandoning her - and moan about how cruel you were - you will feel guilty because you seem like a nice guy - and you will promise not to abandon her next time, you will be back together for a week and she will get mad at you for going to the store for orange juice - because she knows that you have an ex-girlfriend who likes orange juice and she thinks that you might be planning on leaving her.

Don't bother with her - get on with your life and find a nice girl who actually likes YOU. Not someone who says that she loves you because you seem like the ideal man - if only you could change a few things.


Good luck.Ex girlfriend/ borderline personality disorder/ want her back?
If you love her you shouldn't give up. Borderlines have usually tolerated tremendous abuse. They survived they are afarid. Love takes time anyway most people don't have what it takes to be w/ someone who is damaged.

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Some women play endless games. At least you know the borderline wants kndness and love. You have to be mentally ill to want that these days.

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I know you love her. . and she probably will come back if you put care forth to her (it's what they want), but.. it isn't worth it for you, if she still has Bpd. Please, do not do it unless she is willing to get therapy. Please. It hurts so much. I was the Bpd girlfriend, and I didn't know it.. I hurt the man I love for an entire year before he could not take anymore. It hurt him so badly. Unless she shows steps in recovery, and actively wants it, do not do it. But if she agrees to therapy, you two will have to work together skill. Get the ';Walking on Eggshells'; workbook, and do it. If you really love her, then do anything you can to get her help. 1) You can be happy together, 2) She will unlikely ever be happy in her life if she does not get help. Trust me. It's a DAMNED miserable exsitnce, even if she seems so happy. It's all an act.

Good luck.
You can check my source to see how difficult it is to be the spouse/partner of someone with borderline personality disorder.

It's horrifying and they can unleash a firestorm of chaos and terror that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Unlike bipolar disorder - it's not often manageable with medication, only long-term, intensive therapy and even then the results aren't always that great. Further, 7%-10% of those formally diagnosed with BPD commit suicide successfully (many more try).

My sincere suggestion is to not burden yourself with such a relationship. You can't fix her. She can't fix her. And it takes an uncommon BPD to recognize that s/he has a problem and commit to what it takes to manage it properly.

My advice... let her go or deal with (potentially) a lifetime of madness.
If she has left YOU, then no matter how painful it might seem, it was for the best. She's projecting her ';crap'; on you. She hates herself, she is the loser, and you're actually the one who wasted a year and half with you. It sounds nuts, but the BPD is what's nuts. In time, you'll see that it's for the best, and when a BPD leaves, it's usually because they think you'll leave them, or you weren't as ';easy'; a target as they thought. So, they leave before you leave them. Something like that.

Do NOT have any contact with her because it'll make things worse. If she DOES crawl back(and it's not uncommon for people like her to do so), then no matter how tempting it would be to take her back, DON'T. Unless she is willing to go through years of therapy, and I do mean years, then she will not change.

Just stay away(avoid any and all contact with her) or YOU will suffer along with her.
if you cantoact her you will probably make her mad.

she will probably have an episode !

don't put her through that please !
You really would be better off leaving this one alone. She will always have these problems.

I have watched many families torn apart by mental illness.


Bmphotog said...

Did you take her back? Big mistake huh? Im divorcing a BP female. We have a 3 year old too. Nightmare. They cant and dont look back. She will eat you for dinner with ease. You wont win this one, my friend.

Erik Hansen said...

I spent 4 years with 2 borderline women. They cannot love. Trust me. 3 months of joy and 3+ years of pure hell. DO NOT DO it. get therapy, stay FAR away from her. She is half insane(hence the term BPD), and will eventually leave you for someone more like herself, nuts. Stay strong brother, stay away!!!

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