Monday, August 16, 2010

Is my ex even worth fighting for?

I met this guy 3 months ago and we dated for a little over a month. I was mean to him and he was trying to push me into a serious relationship. I ended it with him and he pretty much agreed to it.

About 2 weeks later, I realized how much I wanted to date him. I apologized to him, told him that I had issues which I have dealt with and asked him to try again. We talked a few times as friends and have gone out in the same groups. He always watches me, catches my eye and talks to me.

I have asked him out to lunch and he says no. I have shown him my nice side, sent texts and emails. Now he says I am pushing him away by trying so hard. He says he won't try again because he is afraid I will be mean to him again (although I have changed and have shown him the nice side). And then the next minute he says we can be friends and see what happens.

He said now to give him some space because I am pushing to hard and that maybe we can remain friends. I just don't get it. Is he even worth the fight, the effort, and the wait?Is my ex even worth fighting for?
Give him the space he is asking for. Pushing yourself onto someone will only make them shy away.

I don't blame him for being gun shy. Most issues that would cause us to be mean to someone aren't solved in two weeks.

Let him be for a while. Let him gain interest back in you.

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i would under stand if y'all were 2gether for years but over a month that's barley getting to know each other.He don't even know you that well ,as for you neither .You already showed him how you are and he don't want a girl like that.maybe if you back off a little bit .he wanted to be in a relationship with you but you messed it up.
This guy doesn't trust you anymore, and it's not likely that he's going to date you again until he gets over his feeling of rejection (if he ever does). If you felt that he was pressuring you into a serious relationship, you were right to end it. You didn't have to be mean about it, however. Understand that rejection is a difficult thing to deal with, whether it's justified or not. You would be wise to stop trying to get him back. You and him don't sound like a good match.

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