Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it possible to get over an ex even if it has been 10 years and still can't yet?

I am wondering if I will ever be able to get over my ex! We dated in high school, I was 16 and he was 15.We were each other's first love and I got pregnant when I was 18 (a year after I graduated high school). It was very hard for both of us and we had a very difficult relationship after that.We had broke up numerous times due to his drug addictions and his cheating which started after I had become pregnant. We had also went through alot when he was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was 15.Long story short, we had very little communication with each other over the last 10 years, we had broke up before our daughter turned 3 and he never saw her or had any communication with us.He has for the last 3 years been sober and is getting his life together.He came back a year and 1/2 ago and he pays child support and sees our daughter regularly now.I am still in love with him and he says he still loves me but I feel I should move on but I don't know how.I feel like it's impossible to get over him!Is it possible to get over an ex even if it has been 10 years and still can't yet?
if this is something u both r seriously considering (getting back together) then maybe have some counselling either way if u dont want to reconcile the counselling could be good to help u to understand exactly what ur feeling cos emotions can often become mixed up an confuse us as to what it is exactly that we wantIs it possible to get over an ex even if it has been 10 years and still can't yet?
You still have unresolved feelings for this man, this is normal he is after all your first love and the father to a child you share together.

I think if you both feel so strongly about one another and he has proven to you that he is clean and has changed his life that you both owe it to yourselves to give the relationship a try and the child will grow up with both of her parents.

Best of Luck
If he's got it together now and you both feel something for each other, what is stoping you? I think it's a beautiful story. You are already a family with your daughter, why not get mom and dad back together?
of course you can get over him. he sounds rubbish.

the only thing stopping you is you, so sort your life out. find someone else.

you didnt mention anyone else.
Try it again, you'll remember why you didnt make it the first time and you will have closure.
well if he is sober, and has been for a while, why cant you get back together.
Do you really have to get over him?

Perhaps it's time to start loving again.

~God bless~
If you are in love with him still, you're in love with the image of what you wanted him to be then. How could you be completely in love with someone that broke up with you numerous time and had addiction issues? The relationship wasn't healthy....is it possible that you're in love with what you hoped he was deep down at the time? Either way you're setting yourself up....it has been 10 years without contact with him...you have to get to know him all over again. A lot happens in ten years. In ten years time you have not moved on to another relationship? I would be very careful.
Listen, the first thing you have to realize is, you two are always connected through that little girl. Even if you two moved on and got married to other people, they would still have to respect him for who is is to you and that little girl, ';DADDY.';

Another thing is, there is a big difference from having love for someone, and being in love with someone. Of course you will go on loving him and thinking about him. He was once a major part of your life. That never stops, But it does change.

You need to figure out if you are in love, or got love.

Once you do, the next step will be easy.

Good Luck
You and your ex will have a relationship for quite a while because you are parents to your daughter. It is a good thing that he is getting his act together and paying child support and being in his daughter's life.

You will have to move forward with your life. But, you know what? I don't think you always ';get over'; something that took up a huge part of your life. I don't know how it's done. Just accept it. You'lll probably never ';get over it'; unless you go brain-dead.
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