Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would you help someone get back with an ex,even though you're heart was breaking since you love that person 2?

i love this guy so much,i think about him night and day and have even confessed my feelings for him,and we've kissed twice.But he still loves this other guy,who sadly is a great guy and they are good together,it makes no sense that they have broken up for silly reasons.i've tried to help,and offered to help get his guy back,i would rather see him happy then sad,and if this guy makes him happy then i am happy too.

But my heart hurts so badly and i think its best that i just leave him alone for a few days.

Oh..and how can i get over him?the worst bit for me is that i know he won't ever see me more then as a friend.Would you help someone get back with an ex,even though you're heart was breaking since you love that person 2?
if your a nice person you would help them get back together if you think the deserves better then you would just go and try to get him back and to get over a guy girls usully eat ice cream chocolate is best but for guys i have no ideaWould you help someone get back with an ex,even though you're heart was breaking since you love that person 2?
I won't want to help someone to get back with an ex. Rather I will just leave it as it is, if that guy truly love me he will not go back to his ex and vice verse.

I seriously think you should not interfere in their affairs. If I were you I will just ask him directly who he want and ask him to make up his mind.
Can you make him happier than this other dude? I think if you want him now is the time to distance yourself from him and make him realize how empty his life is without you.
in the medical community, the first thing you're taught is to ';Do No Harm';. Think about that. You're in a relationship with a friend that you love, who does not share those same feelings. In fact, after hearing about your feelings, he wishes to get back together with an ex (who's feelings are unknown). You should respect his efforts as your friend to pursue his ex and ';do no harm'; by NOT trying to sabotage or dissuade him from going after what he wants. At the same time, your first priority is to yourself and you should ';do no harm'; by realizing it's time to move on. you played your hand, confessed your feelings, and were unfortunately rejected. That stings enough. You shouldn't feel obligated to help him at all.

And going back to his ex's feelings- people become ex-partners for a reason. what if this ex doesn't take him back? don't let yourself become the runner up prize if your friend's efforts fail. have more self-respect! he didn't choose you before and falling back to you if things go sour with his ex wouldn't change that. you;d just be a diversion until his next obsession comes along.

i know what i write here is a bit harsh, but it's the truth. the sooner you see things for what they really are, the sooner you can move on and find someone else.
I was in a similar situation years ago, I was in love with this guy who only saw me as a friend. We continued our friendship throughout the years, it has been nearly 20 years now and we are still great friends. He is engaged to a nice woman and he and I are still friends. For some reason, my heart has healed and I am no longer in love with him. Several times throughout our friendship he asked me if I wanted to try a romantic relationship, by that time my feelings were platonic. I still love him(not in love though) and wish him the best.

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