Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am starting to get over my ex , even though it is so hard, and i kinda like this guy, what should i do?

My ex and i split up 3 weeks ago and i am still , very sad about it and i miss him , but he just wants to move on with his life and see if we end up in the future. I just want to move on and forget about him. So theres a guy i thinks cute and very nice, how slow should i take it and how do i get over my fear of another bad relationship that ends up breaking my heart?I am starting to get over my ex , even though it is so hard, and i kinda like this guy, what should i do?
hey honey, i went through a nasty break up once, took me months to look at him with out crying.

but i ended up with the sweetest guy that took my heart and fixed it.

give it a try, take it slow, not to slow, you want him to stay interested. but dont worry about getting hurt,

because when you get into a relationship

you always have a chance of getting hurt,

but if you dont take that risk

you might not find the love that you want and need.

even if he hurts you, you will one day find that love that sweeps you off your feet and makes you forget all about your past heart breaks. who heals your heart and fills that empty whole.I am starting to get over my ex , even though it is so hard, and i kinda like this guy, what should i do?
I think you can go out %26amp; have fun %26amp; also work on the feelings you have from your past relationship...that one is going to go through a process why put your life on hold until you are finished grieving it...think about what good things you to had together %26amp; what bad ones %26amp; take the essence of the good things %26amp; the essence of the bad %26amp; make a list...for example say fun yet poor communication were parts of that relitionship you can now decide you will continue to have fun but now choice to forgive you ex %26amp; choice great communication...so choic to have all of what you want in life now, without blaming you ex or yourself you both did the best you could with what you knew so value that relationship %26amp; the more you can do that the less baggage you carry to future relationships...You may get to a point where you really need closure on the past one %26amp; you can get that buy doing what I have outlined but making sure you are really not holding on to anything...you don't need to contact him, you just need to do this yourself.
I tend to agree with the first answer, but life does go on. It's been 3 YEARS for me and my ex, but we were together for 22 years. I have a reason to be a little gun shy. 3 weeks is nothing. I was with my ex probably longer than you have even been alive and I think about her every day of my life and yes I'm nervous, but hey, get over it and go out with him for Christ sake. Or...sit around and mope all day and night and do nothing..
the cliche saying is always correct ';It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all'; go for it. If you like this new guy let him know. You deserve to move on and he is the opportunity.
i don't think you should have another serious relationship so soon. date him, hang out with him, but don't be like exclusive and serious yet...see what happens, don't rush!
go as slow as you need to and if he really likes you back then you know he was worth it.... just take your time and you will slowly realize not every guy wants to break your heart...
quit causing so much drama on yahoo answers and you should be ok.

Just go slow

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