Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How many of you still keep in touch with an ex?

why did it end?

did you end up getting back together?

stay friends?


is it normal to be friends with an ex, even after a bad breakup?How many of you still keep in touch with an ex?
I think it depends on how and why you broke up...How many of you still keep in touch with an ex?
I stay in touch with my ex cause he was my first bf and he was special, plus we were really good friends before hand. Actually Im trying to hook him up w/ one of my good friends now, and i was just hanging out w/ him last friday, and we broke up in october.

no we didnt end up getting back togeter. I dont like his personality anymore. He used to be this great funny guy who would just make me laugh for hours on end. The breakup really chnaged him and he acts like he doesnt know any of our inside jokes and doesnt laugh and he doesnt make me augh =[.

He ';wasn't ready for commitment';.

Yes. Two months after. Again, only lasted 2 weeks. (After 6 months of using me as last minute date(that I didn't know until after the breakup)

No. The reason we broke off our friendship after we broke up was because he said something along the lines...';Money can buy friends! Man I could buy you if I wanted to and you'd be right here with me. Money can buy love. Money can get you everything you want...';

Is it normal? Define normal, my dear friend, and you'll see that it's not the same as mine. Remaining friends with an ex shows the level of maturity and integrity you can keep with an old acquaintance. If you two can sit through a whole conversation, never once mentioning the past, could have beens or would have beens about you two, then by all means it's a normal relationship. Platonic. But if you two somehow always end up talking about the break-up, the relationship, and such and such, then you should no longer remain friends if you don't plan on getting back together. It's not good for your soul. Love is a very selfless thing which is what everyone should know. If it's love...you're not thinking about yourself, you're thinking about your partner.

Good luck. If you feel happy with the friendship and it's platonic then don't listen to what any of us has to say.
I don't keep in touch with an ex because once it is over, it wasn't meant to be, and it will never work out. My relationships ended because the dudes were str8 trippin. Of course we never got back together! We did however become friends, and it is very normal to be friends with an ex.
well it depends on how u guys end it if its on a good term then u guys can be friends ... but if one or another cheats its going to be a bit hard there ... if both moved on can be friends but some ppl when they break up with someone they want that person out of their life forever and i dont know why .. for me i dont mind being friends with myexs ...
i am currently friends with my ex.

he told me that it felt like we were just friends and broke up with me

we havent officially gotten back together. but we still kiss all the time.

i guess its normal.
he tired to physically hurt me

hell no, i'll never speak to him again - over 12 yrs

i don't think its normal after a bad break-up
-It ended because he wanted to date my CLOSE friend.(some friend)

-we didn't get back together,but we were about to until i moved.

-yes we are still friends

-it is normal,

unless you act and treat him/her differently.
1.He cheated on me with a girl i knew (******* in the bathroom.classy!)

2.Nah.he is a tube.

3.He was annoying.
1. he played to much and pretended told his friends he dump then said it was a joke



4.100% normal
1. he hit me.

2. no, we didn't even though he still waits for me after these 5 years.

3. yes we are.

4. yes it's normal.
I'm not sure why my other relationships ended, but I'm glad they did.

'cause now I have the guy I wanna spend my life with.

I were friends with one of them yes, but we lost connection.

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