Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get you ex back even though he has a girlfriend?

I broke up with my ex and at first he wanted me and always wanted me around but now hw that he has another girlfriend he is blowing me off and doesn't talk to me I want him back but he doesnt want me even though he says he does. what should I doHow to get you ex back even though he has a girlfriend?
You must not appear needy and go out and do your own thing. Do not be around him all the time. After you start to blow him off he will start to come back. How to get you ex back even though he has a girlfriend?
Sometimes the key to getting an ex back comes down to using curiosity to get your ex wondering what they are missing out on. For example if you call your ex and leave a message that says, ';I just want to thank you for what you did for me...'; Do you think that would peak their curiosity and make them want to call you back? There are all kinds of things you can do like that to get your ex talking to you and get him back in your arms. In fact, there are several good websites and blogs out there that talk about stuff like this. Take some time to search around. I think you will find some really good information to help you out.
I had a similar situation with my wife. To make a long story short, start immediately by not trying to convince him to come back to you. In fact, agree with everything he says, as far as the break up is concerned. This will put you two back on the same side instead of argueing. Only call him occasionally, and keep the conversations very short and not about getting back together. I'm telling you, it works like a charm! You can get a ton of other tips by following the suggestions in the book I read at, http://mjourney.makingup.hop.clickbank.n鈥?/a>

There are many other helpful books out there too, this is just the one I used.
Tell him how you feel and then back off. You need to go hang out with some friends and have some fun. Do some things you used to before you met him. Trust me that when it gets back to him that your out and moving on he's going to wonder why your not home waiting for him to call. Creating a little curiosity about yourself will go a long way. Especially since right now he knows he can have you back anytime he wants.
Do not appear too desperate. Give him another 30 days. If he has friends, give them hints about how you feel and they will tell him. Don't send him text messages. try to go out and have some fun while you wait to see if he has a change of mind. After 30 days, revisit the situation by writing him a short note and mailing it letting him know how you feel without coming off too needy and ask him if he would speak with you.

You really need to take a look at T.W. Jackson's book about the Magic of Making up at鈥?/a> That is what helped me to get back with my ex. Good luck.
he got a rebound girl. don't do anything... do not contact with them.

that's best way to go.

after their fling is finish.. he will miss you more.. and he will contact you... i promis.

during their fling time, you can have time to think about him. does he really worth to be your BF again. and you can try to date other guy so you can find better guy after... if you start living your life happy, love will come around you again.
there is a reason he is your ex......remember?

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