Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get rid of an obsessed ex boyfriend?

Me and my ex split up 3-4 months ago now , and yesterday he started t ring me and even his ex girlfriend keeps trying to get hold of me ... he also started being racist towards me when i haven't even done anything wrong all i doe was get on with my life which he should be doing but since i have had a new boyfriend in my life he just wont go away i really need help he wotn leave me alone ;( xHow to get rid of an obsessed ex boyfriend?
I was about to ask if he was dangerous before I saw your edit.

This is a bad situation to be in, and I have been in it.

Change your phone number, first of all. Move. Get a police restraining order..tho dont feel comfortable with that.

I actually moved to Los Angeles 2000 miles away, to get lost in the multitude of people. If you have a rare last name, keep from having it show up on the internet. Do searches regularly.

Im curious what his ex girlfriend could want. Maybe she's trying to warn you about something. Do be real careful going out alone. Dont let a long time span cause you to give up caution. Sometimes these people can hold on for a long time.

I dealt with this 40 yrs ago, and I still have moments when I wonder about being alone. The person I knew did end committing serious crimes, but not with me.How to get rid of an obsessed ex boyfriend?
There is a condition called ';Morbid jealousy'; which is pathological and can end in murder. He may well be suffering from this, so take very firm steps.

Tell him you regard him as a stalker and will report him to the police as an obsessed stalker the very next time he cointacts you.

Then do it.
Never take his calls or answer any texts. If you see him in the street say 'hi' but keep on walking, if he tries to talk say 'im busy, good bye' and he will soon get the message that hes getting no where. If he persists in hounding you then tell the police, and tell him that you are informing the police that he is harassing you. You shouldn't have to live like this.
Umm best thing to do is ignore him, he's obv jealous that you've got on with your life if he's stuck in the past let him.. for his ex girlfriend JUST P***CH her in the face!! : D lol nahh joking.. ignore her. they aren't worth it.. what i'd do is get my mate to sort it out.. if she's willing : D

hope this helps

He sounds annoying ick. I would just be the bigger person and ignore him. Don't answer his phone calls and if he says anything about you in person just look at him like the ridiculous child he is.
Ask to hang out if you can get that close and annoy the **** out of him. Do things like punch him everytime he makes a joke maybe even Jack his car up put cinder blocks under it and take the tires lol.
shoot him in the nob
get a restraining order.....
Call Tony from the Sapranos.
cut him off 100%

no secondary contacting either...

dont' talk at all.
Neuter him

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