Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get over an ex boyfriend who your still in love with?

I dated a guy for almost 4 years off and on and he broke up with me over Christmas. I thought i would be ok but I haven't stopped thinking about him and even though other guys have asked me out I have no interest in them because I am still in love with my ex. and even though we talk all the time and he says he loves me he says he doesn't ever want to be with me again. Help Please!?How do you get over an ex boyfriend who your still in love with?
If you need to heal your best medicine is to find someone else. To get over him, Eliminate things that remind you of him and get occupied by concentrating on your future and doing activities that keep you busy. Go out and date other guys if you can, hang out with friends and belief this: Give others a least to get to know you. Don't get stuck yourself to loving someone who says he doesn't ever want to be with you again. Chances are he is saying that because you have been acting a little desperate..this is normal and people who have been broken hearten do that all the time.

Do not lose hope, Love is blind and sometimes people who hurt other don't understand that they need to be kind to them in steady of degrading them. You are a special person in your own ways and if he doesn't want to be with you, someone else will. So accept it and give other a chance..ok?...good luckHow do you get over an ex boyfriend who your still in love with?
Being haunted by a broken relationship is some times difficult and the first reaction is to run away and pretend the feelings do not exist. That feeling of emotion that overwhelms you at any moment and plunges you into grief and memory of the past. Images return and unwanted thoughts appear. The ghost returns and can't handle simple tasks. This is a sign of depression and when prolonged we will get trapped by the grieving process.

The feeling of anger, sadness, fear, denial and depression are the result of a loss of someone that you love. Moving on to a healthy new life is based on how we respond to these feelings.
You need to cut ties all together. Keeping in touch with him and having him tell you he loves you but doesn't want to be with you may be making things worse for you. This communication with your ex is confusing you. In this situation 'love' is NOT enough. Move on with your life and find someone that actually wants to be with you and loves you. Does that make any sense. Good luck!
i'm almost in the same situation. we were together for about three months. he dumped me back in december. it's been almost 5 months and i realized yesterday that i'm still not over him. he won't talk to me tho. actually, he won't go near me or look me in the face. somehow i still miss him and want him back even tho i know it's not going to happen. only time will help. it might be better to talk to him less or not at all so that you won't be as connected to him and can move on a little faster
He wont get back together with you- especially if he has started seeing other people.

You need to get back out there and start seeing other people. Once you've found another person and you're close with them you wont think about your old ex like this.
you need to stop talking to him. being a guy, i understand where he might be coming from..the only way to get over someone is to stop communicating altogether. get rid of him off your facebook, e-mail, and phone.
hun stop talking to him and realise that hes not worth it.. get over him move on.. dont speak to him..should hate him for hurting you like that.. am in da same situation...good luck....xx p.s i hate my ex:)
find someone new dont mourn and be depressed your wasting your time over someone not even worth it your only truley over someone when you let someone new into your heart
It takes time, it really sucks, but time heals EVERYTHING. Believe me.

I'm sorry

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