Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get my ex even tho im moving away?

ok so my boyfriend and i dated for almost 3 months and my dad told me that we're moving to oklahoma...so ben (my boyfriend) broke up with me cuz he didn't feel that he could do long distance and two days later while we're txting each other he says that he loves me but has a girlfriend i love him to death and want him back...what do i do?How to get my ex even tho im moving away?
Welcome to teenage drama. The simple thing to do is just move on. I know it will be hard but fate has dealt you a cruel blow with you moving. It isn't like you are in the next town where you could visit, it sounds like there is some serious distance between you. Lets say you try and make this work, well, assuming you are in high school...you will begin to see other guys and him see other girls. He might want to go to prom. Are you going to go back to wherever from OK to go to prom with him? Cut the ties on good terms now or risk cutting them on bad ones later on.
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