Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I get even with an ex-best friend?

I was best friends with this girl for 8 years and moved in with her. We then began working together. A few months later, she kicked me out saying that I never paid for anything (a total lie) and that I always left the house a mess (I was the only one who really ever cleaned). She then let her new best friend move in (who is the worst roommate anyone could ever ask for and doesn't pay for anything) and is now trying to get me in trouble at our place of business. I've never done anything to deserve the way she treats me. I just want to get even. I've tried to ';be the bigger person'; and ';kill her with kindness'; but so far nothing has worked. Please help me out. I appreciate any suggestions.How can I get even with an ex-best friend?
Ugh, you've got a troll!

I don't know what to say, I just think that she's got issues up the wazoo and you should just steer clear of her. However, do let your supervisor and any other of the powers that be know what's going down in case it gets really funky at work.

This is no time to be losing a job, especially not over some silly b**** crap. She sounds really immature and dizzy, so be prepared for foolishness before it all boils down.

Hope this helps!How can I get even with an ex-best friend?

like a BOSS.

No, but really,

wait. Yeah. Do it. Ha ha. But yes, killing 'em with kindness... it's the best way. Indeed. Works every time. Laugh in her face as you proudly dust off her petty attempts at insulting and hurting you. Laugh!

Also, watch Kill Bill for further ideas... okay, haa, sorry I'm in a joking mood.

: )
jus wait for karma to come around. then whatever happens.....itss not ur fault.
If she's trying to start crap where you work, then you need to go to your supervisor and explain the situation to her. Tell her that you and her had a falling out, that you can remain professional, but that you are concerned that she may try and lie about you, stuff like that. If your supervisor is actually a GOOD supervisor, then he/she will be able to remain neutral and handle the situation equitably. If not, if she's already poisoned him/her against you, then honestly...get a different job.

I mean, if it's to that point, you aren't gonna wanna work there, I've been in situations like that, people get pissed off outside of work and it spills over. I got promoted once and all of a sudden everyone that was my friends at work decided I was ';the enemy'; sicne I got promoted and yeah...I ended up just quitting because it was miserable.

She'll get hers in the end, don't worry about that. Just take care of yourself and make sure that you are working somewhere that you are appreciated and don't have to deal with that crap.
Dnt mean to be a b**ch but seriously does ';being the bigger person'; include getting even with her? How do you know her new roomate doesn't pay for anything? And you ';cleaning'; is open to interpretation same with you paying. Obviously you did something people don't just kick others out for nothing. I'm normally not this mean but dang something about this just ticked me off prob ';being a bigger person'; ughhhh can't stand hypocrites sry hun
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