Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting over an ex-Girlfriend?

I'm a 24 year-old male and I have to admit I don't think I'm over my ex even though our relationship ended some three-and-a-half-years-ago as I still think about her every day.

A little bit about the background.

We were going out for 14 months but were virtually going out 2 months before it was official. We effectively lived together. It was my one (and only to date) serious relationship (she was my first and only sexual partner to this day) and the relationship ended because of me I would admit. I was difficult to be with because of poor mental health. In hindsight I would say she was fed up and perhaps wanted to date others as I know she was with someone around 2 months after we finished.

Since we finished

Well unfortunately my poor mental health continued for some time. This could well be why I even think about her. Is it because I've too much time on my hands (I am not currently working but thankfully (health wise) I would say I'm better now than then) but still find myself dreading ever bumping into her in the street, seeing something about her on Facebook (I would from time to rime), my heart skips a beat when I see a picture of her in my local paper (her picture is is on it from time to time)

So does anyone have any tips on how to get over her? Perhaps it's because I haven't been with anyone in a steady way since or maybe it's because I haven't been intimate with anyone since and she was my first.

As I said we haven't keep in contact at all. We really only kept in contact for around 2 months after it finished and even at that, she was sending some nasty texts which is hardly keeping in contact. The very last bit of contact I got (if you want to call it that) was a friend request I received off her on a social networking site some 2-and-half years ago (which was around NINE months after we finished) I rejected the request. But around a year later I mysteriously had two of her friends, whom I never really got on with requested me a few days apart from one another, then one night (out around a year ago) one of her friends that requested me give me a hug and wished me Christmas Greetings as if we were best friends!

Overall I just want to forget about her and I suppose the best way to do that is find someone else. Its been sooooo long since it ended that I would rule out getting in contact with her and I am embarrassed that I'm not really over her yet.

Thanks for reading.Getting over an ex-Girlfriend?
In order to move on and get over her is to start dating again and DON'T compare your dates to her because then you will never get over her. Just go out and have fun, you're right on both accounts that you do have to much time on your hands to think about her and you haven't started dating again yet.

If you can't go out and have fun then do something productive at home, keep your mind occupied and try to stop thinking about her because if you don't you will never really get over her.

You shouldn't be embarrassed that you're not over her, you had a longish relationship with her and it was pretty serious, so don't let that deter you from going out with other girls. =]

Best of luck hun♥Getting over an ex-Girlfriend?
Here are some tips to help you forget about your ex:

1. Don't think about them. If you catch yourself getting nostalgic or reflecting on painful feelings, try to change your train of thought.

2. Don't talk about them. Avoid participating in conversations about the person. Ask loved ones to refrain from talking about the person in your presence.

3. Don't say their name. Refer to them as something more general like that ';boy'; or ';girl';.

4. Collect anything and everything that reminds you of them and seal it away in a box. Don't let these things be painful reminders of the relationship.

5. Don't talk to them. Don't call, email, text, send letters, or contact them in any way.

Check the source below for more tips!

How to Make an Ex Nonexistent
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