Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why would an ex ok calling him if he has new gf?

ive realized i have not gotten over my ex -- even though he says hes found a new gf. i called him one day and he answered quick.. i figured id get his answer machine.. told him i realize how i messed up in our relationship..and i would regret it...if i could go back and fix it i would... I just wanted to say my peace. yesterday .i called and again he answered quick..told him .. .and was honest.. just to hear his voice.. he said..whats up? again..said just to hear his voice.. asked him if he thought about what i said.. he said yes.. and then .. i'll talk with you later.... he has the option of not answering the calls...if hes so into her.. why is he taking calls from his ex? i even asked.. is it ok i call and we talk? he said yes.. there's a document he wants me to sign.. it just a matter of how a bill is paid.. he pays it himself.. or it goes through the courts.. i said i wouldnt work with him.. i really want a chance to work on this relationship.. should i just agree to work with him on this? him taking my calls.. does that mean .. i might still have a shot? we've known each other for 17 years.. thats a long time.. and our only arguement was when he would want me to spend time with i would say no.. because of family issues.. which ive corrected now...ive reconnected with family friends.. and applied for a job not working nights /weekends/holidays.. any advice?Why would an ex ok calling him if he has new gf?
He's just being nice to you because he wants you to sign the paper then he'll drop you like a rock. Just work it out already and move on!Why would an ex ok calling him if he has new gf?
Just because he's your ex doesn't mean he doesn't want to be your friend and once was your very best friend. You may have a chance, or you may not, just wait it out and discuss it with him, don't sound desperate like you do up here. Work together on whatever you have to -- whatever you are to each other. You can still be friends.
because he wants to keep you on the side for a ';good time';. This will blow up in his face eventually but he will have fun until then.
He's the only one who can answer this. The rest of us would simply be guessing.
obviously he still has feelings 4 u

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