Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does my soon to be ex even care for our little girl?


Im having a big problem. I have 2 wonerful kids.

I have a 1 year old son and a 3 year old little girl.

I woke this morning and come to find my little girl

was sick. My mom thought she would be nice and take her to the doc for me since I wasnt feeling good ether.

I called my soon to be ex husband as said I would if the kids got sick

and let him know. I have been thru so much since we separated 3 months ago and he just started having a fit wanting to know why my son was not taken as well because he was sick or just stared getting it. So me and him started fussing over the phone . Well he said he had to get off and get back to work . Well My little girl came back from the doctor and I have yet to get a call from him asking about how shes doing or what she has got. I go thru alot with him he doesnt call unless he wants to and dont pick up the phone unless he wants to . And he said when ever she wants to talk to him she can call and he would be there. Im 24 and when my kids need me Im there . Hes 32 and going to another town and doing stupid things and getting drunk all the time and lieing to me when I ask him where he has been because his little girl wanted to talk or see him. Im so fed up. Does he even care at all like he says he does? And does this make him an unfit dad? Need some help thanks to all ..Does my soon to be ex even care for our little girl?
A lot of unanswered questions are you in the process of divorce? Have you gone to the courts for child support? If you have,,you will be fine,,and the courts will establish custody and visitation for both of you.. As far as His behavior in other towns,,that should be none of your concern..Realize your marriage and relationship with him is over..He couldn't care less what YOU think.. Otherwise,,you would still be together..As far as his views with regard to the children,,only HE knows that..You need to concentrate on yourself and the children..The courts will see that he shoulders his responsibility..And if he ask you NOT to pursue court ordered child support,,ignore his plea.. If you do,,you'll be at his mercy !! I'm very sorry to hear your plight,,,but realize this,,things will get better,,and maybe some day you'll be with someone who will appreciate a good woman,,and will love you and your family,,and will be happy to share your lives together.. I do wish you and your family well !! SCOTTYDoes my soon to be ex even care for our little girl?
I'm sorry Becca. Sometimes in life you get the roses and sometimes you get a lemon. Looks like you got a lemon.Hold your head up, do the best you can, take good care of the kids, and someday you will find someone that appreciates you. Good luck!
its horrid, he doesnt love his little girl enough, the bible says people will be w/out natural affection.
he is crazy. who wouldn't care for children id give my life for them
Becca, are you sure this isn't about you? If BOTH of your kids are sick you take BOTH of them. It sounds like you still have strong feelings for him. Don't call him at work, he's working. He is not ';In-Love'; anymore. Its messed up but it happens to a lot of couples. I guarantee he loves both of his children but may hold the son up higher, you may do this with your daughter without noticing it, your son wasn't at the doctors was he. Regardless, as long as he's handling his responsibilities as a father by supporting them emotionally and financially don't use the little girl as an excuse to hear his voice.

You are still young. You will be fine.
Ok, first off, to answer your question, no, he obviously doesn't care or he would have called.

Now, it looks like to me that he is just giving you a hard time about the kids, because he knows you will argue back. Stop giving him what he wants. Call him, tell him what the doctor said and get off the phone. He obviously doesn't want to talk to you and arguing with him won't do your kids any good. Don't waste your time chasing him down or trying to find him. Let her call, if he doesn't answer, let her leave a message.

Unfortunately, the only things that are considered as making a parent unfit, usually involve drug or alcohol addiction, which can be difficult to prove, or abuse. I'm afraid that judges and such don't care if he lies to you.

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