Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do i get back together with my ex even though i caused the divorce?

well long story short, I had an affair, that lead to a divorce. But first I walked out on my wife and 2 small kids to be with the other woman. then came the divorce. I started having second thoughts, proably about 5 months into the new relationship. it probably happened bacause then things started settling down and responsibilities came into play. it wasn't just an affair anymore it was a living together loving relationship. I am now out of the house and we are broken up. I now will focus my attention on getting back to a right relationship with GOD and focus my attention on meing the best dad to my 2 wonderful kids. I do dream sometimes of getting back together with my ex, but my pastor said that should not be my main focus. anyway i should ask a question. my ex girfriend now wants closure and answers to why i left her. so heres the ?. is it possible to be so happy and have a really have a great time (even out of the bedroom) and still know you had to break up with the person.How do i get back together with my ex even though i caused the divorce?
My ex cheated, left 3 broken hearted kids and they later broke up. I gave her 1 chance at working at it and she passed. From that moment on I grieved for my loss and moved on. over 2 years later she wants me back - but I am done done done with her. I am glad I moved on with my life.How do i get back together with my ex even though i caused the divorce?
You pray and stand for your marriage and for your exwife. I am assuming that you and your ex are covenant spouses? If that is the case, even though the courts say you are divorced, you are married for life in God's eyes until death do you part.

Check out the links below to help you out....

Please check out Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp. They have a restored marriage after being divorced for about two years. They have a website and send devotionals everyday encouraging men and women to stand for their marriage and their spouse's salvation. Check out their archives.


I highly recommend that you sign up for Doreen's Devotionals called Doreen's Daily Delights.. These are awesome. http://marriagerestorationministries.org鈥?/a>

Here's another website for people standing for their marriages. They have a men's forum where you can talk to other men standing for their marriages. There is chat every Friday night. http://www.faithandmarriage.com/

Check out Jimmy and Karen Evans. They have a weekly tv show that discusses marriage. Their shows are on the internet that you can watch. Jimmy is excellent. Jimmy gives very practical guides on how to have a successful marriage. http://www.marriagetoday.org/
your a mess
Yes...some call it guilt. You disregarded what was best for your children for the excitement of an affair. Then, you conscious got the better of you.

You don't owe the mistress any explanation. She knew you were married. I guess she doesn't know right from wrong either.

Concentrate on the children and keep it in you pants.
you left

you broke her heart

you have to prove it to God and to her that you will stray no more

she does not have to accept your shallow excuse, so expect rejection, unless she is God reveering, you do not stand a chance
the ex-girlfriend needs answers? Tell her you've decided what's best for you is to make sure you've done what's best for your children, and no scenario you can imagine involves her. It doesn't hurt to tell her you're sorry and that you had some great times. But at this point you have to do right by your children.
Why would you break up? Are you TOO happy? Do you feel like you need to be miserable? Personally, If the last 2 lines are true, then I would say you are crazy. If you are happy, and have a really great time in and out of the bedroom, then you are luckier that 50% of the men in this country. That is the number of divorces currently in the courts.
you left ur first for a reason remember and if the other 1 was good 2 u then u have a problem with commitment and should really think about your 2 kid's and what if she don't want 2 b with you ??

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