Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Calling all experts! Can my ex even press charges?

I posted this before under a different name, now I'm posting as Sarah to keep this anonymous. I apologize for this being long but I do need all the responses I can get.

My ex is wanting to press charges against me because I told her sister's fiance the truth, that she cheats on him and that my ex told me that her sister is a ';whore'; which is the truth, it's what my ex told me. I even acted immature and told her best friend that her boyfriend (my ex's brother) raped/molested her when she was a kid. And he did, and he got away with it. Yes, stupid childish mistake I shouldn't have made but now she's wanting to press harrassment charges on me now and for what? Telling the truth? If she's trying to scare me, she's doing a good job but really what will the cops or court say when she provides her story? I'm not physically stalking her, not stalking her online yet she calls me a stalker. I told her ';I'm done'; countless times. What can I do besides leaving her and her family alone? Does she have a case here? -- Also, all her friends are getting involved! I have seen with my own eyes, they do drugs, they all drink alcohol and are underage (19-20) two of her friends both smoke marijuana and have fake ID's this is how they get my ex and their friends into bars and I have PICTURES to prove it! I have endless amounts of pictures of her and all her friends that are getting involved, even her brother who raped/molested her as a child of all them drinking alcohol and most of them are all underage and HE is the one buying for them. I not once bought alcohol for my ex or did drugs with her or her friends. I refused, and knew it was all wrong. Will this evidence suffice in a court system, an attorney, judge, etc? Will her and her friends (including her brother) be busted for this stuff? I know if we do go to court, I will have every single one of them testify under oath whether they have drank alcohol under age, done drugs, and if my ex truly did get raped/molested by her brother. I've WARNED my ex of the consequences of taking me to court because of all the firepower/evidence I do have! All of it in a flashdrive of her and all her friends illegaly drinking. Here's more evidence, my ex has told me she's suicidal and she's seeing a counselor too! She's also made fake profiles on the internet in the past to cause me pain/suffering. Her friends all of them were in on making a fake facebook profile to invade on my privacy and a ';girl'; that I so happened to like. So, if we do go to court, who do you think has a better case here? I've changed my phone number twice, and she seems to keep getting it possibly from my convicted felon brother from Illinois whom she so happens to be obsessed with. So, who's got a better case to provide?Calling all experts! Can my ex even press charges?
I can't imagine any judge sitting through all this - it sounds like something for the Jerry Springer show.

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