Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PLEASE help! I can't get over my ex! even though he cheated :(?

i dated a very nice guy for a year and a half but i didn't love him like he loved me...so i dumped him. then i met an *** who was the opposite of my ex, i loved it and i loved him. i only knew him/was together with him for about 4 months. he cheated on me, started dating the girl and now they broke up. all this time i've been thinking about him and missing him. no matter how many promises he broke or how many lies he told, i would get back with him in a heartbeat and i know the same thing would happen all over again,which was hell for me. he said he wanted to marry me and i thought he loved me but i guess not. i'm stupid, i know he probably didn't mean a word. but no matter how hard i try i cannot get over him! i hate it so much because i know he doesn't deserve me. why do i feel this way? its been 3 months since we broke up and i should be getting over it now. i tried going on dates and hanging out with other guys but it's not the same. i don't trust a single guy out there anyone and that makes me sad. but what makes me sadder is being lonely. i hate not having a boyfriend. HELP! i am not happy unless i have a man and i want to stop feeling that way...PLEASE help! I can't get over my ex! even though he cheated :(?
wow my bf had that same problem with his ex gf. she cheated on him with his best friend. and he was going to marry her. he still wanted her back, till i came along, and now he couldn't care less about her.

you need to get back into the game, hang out with your friends, just hang out allot to get that someone off of your mind. and they should go away from your mine.PLEASE help! I can't get over my ex! even though he cheated :(?
i know what you're feeling. i just got out of a year and a couple month long relationship. he cheated on me while i was out of town. i know it's hard to see right now, but things WILL get better. i promise. i know that you miss the time you spent together. you miss the way he smells. the songs you used to listen to with him make you sad. and the tv reminds you of him. but you need to find ways to occupy yourself. get a job, or get into after school clubs, anything that will occupy your time. its going to take you a while to trust again. but hes not worth the pain. he's a player. Karma will take care of him. you take care of you. you deserve to be happy. try not to listent o music for a while, and hang out with friends more. talk to your mom or dad or anyone. trust me parents know. my mom was the last person i would think to talk to. but she's the one that kept me alive through it all. im still healing and its going to take a while. but you will find someone that would never think of cheating on you. He's out there. you've got your life to find someone. live each day likes its your last. And just remember, smile.

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