Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to win an ex back?

Over a year ago, I had a 5 month relationship with a girl. I fell so in love with her. It lasted until the beginning of summer before my firs year at college. It wasn't the best relationship, lots of small fights and me getting upset that things weren't always turning out well. But i love her, she is the girl for me.

My freshman year at college, I got a new girlfriend. We've been going out and its just not the same. Now, back on summer and in a long distance relationship, I miss my ex girlfriend so bad. I would NEVER cheat on anyone. I already made the decision that i'm going to break up with my current girlfriend soon because it's just not working out, i'm not into her as much as she's into me.

I feel like there is no way back with my ex. Even though we hang out so much and we flirt soooo much. I feel like if i were given a second shot, this relationship could be better. How do i get this girl back? Do i spill emotions? Do i take it slow? Is this a bad idea? I am still with my current girlfriend and kinda waiting for a good moment to break up over phone :(How to win an ex back?
Get down on you knees and begHow to win an ex back?
Dude Okay I'ma try and not be harsh but let it go.

Not a good thing you'll be doing dumb stuff and embarrassing yourself like asking on yahoo from random people.

so whatever it is 5 month is nothing just let it go it was her loss since you claim that you were so perfect =/. and your such an *** for even trying to get with another chick when you already have one.

No wonder she broke up with you.
if i were you i would sit your ex down and have a long talk with her about the two of you and tell her taht you love her and shes all you want.see if she feels the same, if not, then dude, im sorry.but if you dont talk about it then idk if theres another way.thats the only one i know.sorry
I would give the ex a break and not bring up this romantic relationship. She does not seem to share your interest in being your girlfriend. You are talking about both girls in your question as if you own them or desire to own them. Chattel.

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