Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would you every take back an ex even if it the 6th try..am i disrespecting my self inway?

well you know how it is. your ex brakes your heart and always keeps coming back for a Second chance

so basically he broke up with me and always comes back saying he misses me and wants to go back out with me, hes done this 5times now. But i keep on getting hurt when he screws me over cause i regret ever giving him a secound chance, hes kinda trying agiain tho but its alil diff, but hes not saying he misses me or wants to be with me agian he just txts me 1in the morning saying ';Wanna *****';??? its diff this time, i dont know what he exacly wants can you help me figure it out please

cause every other time he asked for a ';secound'; chance he would say i missed you like crazy i love you cant be without you ,im always thinkign of you. ...but now hes txtn me sayin wanna fcuk?no sorry or anything we hungout last week and had sex but no goodbye kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!鈥? when i left,so whats his deal

tht made me feel like crap..

i told him i was on my period and couldnt when he txtd me, and he was lke ew wtf, well let me know when your notWould you every take back an ex even if it the 6th try..am i disrespecting my self inway?
thats not a real relationship

have you heard of the term f*ck buddiesWould you every take back an ex even if it the 6th try..am i disrespecting my self inway?
oh my my my...

i mean this in the best possible sense, but if you had any self respect, you would dump this guy RIGHT AWAY.

he doesnt respect you, and clearly only wants a physical relationship, if that.

anyone worth you would work much harder for and see that your deserve the best and deserve to be treated right.

frankly, that gyu is a DICK HEAD
He's telling you exactly what he's looking for. Who texts someone with wanna fcuk and is looking for more. You are his fall back sex partner. He will do this as many times as it takes for you to get some self respect and kick him to the curb.

Good Luck
well in my opinion you shouldn't have took him back to begin with. My uncle has a saying -Once is a mistake, 2d time ur stupid and 3rd time you like it. He wants a piece of ***, and that's about it. if you want to give him a piece that's on you. You liked being used, i assume not.

I say break all ties
This guy is a user. He doesn't love you. I don't really think he even likes himself.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or 6 times) and shame on me. Get your act together and dump him. You deserve a lot better than what you've just described here.
Wow. Don't get back with him. He's an ***.
ever hear of a doormat well you are one to let someone use you. Get some respect for yourself.
u just gave yourself the answer.

u no all he wants is your sex.

hes probably got several girls on his booty call list. that's where your name is. Just a f****.

hes not asking 2 get back with you and hes not apologizing....hes just asking 4 sex.

After 6 chances?U knew the real deal after the second breakup so the real question is what is it that makes u feel so worthless that u accept this behavior from someone else? u give him what he wants then u r left feeling hurt and lonely? so y do u do this 2 yourself?

don't u think u deserve better? this is y so many people try 2 tell youngsters not 2 have sex b4 marriage. he gets what he wants then dumps u like trash and u r left feeling alone and used. don't think he isn't telling all his friends about u - because he is.

leave the trash at the curb but if u don't then u r getting what u think u deserve. and i hope u don't come away with aids or herpes, or for God sake pregnant.

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