Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I move away From My Ex, even Though we are expecting?

I moved here to be with my boyfriend and My Boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago, and I got my own apartment. I have no family here, not many friends, and no support. My ex wants to live his life and do his own thing, which is fine, so I said i wanted to move back home so i could be close to my family, and get help from my mother. I mentioned this to him, and he flipped saying i was being selfish and not thinking of the relationship our child will have with its father.

The only reason I want to move close to my family, is so that i have help and can be surrounded by those who love and care for me, throughout my pregnancy and when the baby is born.

I am thinking i just want to move home, without telling him. Is that wrong? He doesnt care what i do, how im doing, he just cares if i move back home, and Im moving home because of the baby, Im a first time mother, and i know i cant do this on my own, I need my mom, and he just thinks I am being selfish.

Sorry, a lot of drama, i know. Ive pretty much made up my mind, i just want to know if it would be wrong to just go home, without telling him?Should I move away From My Ex, even Though we are expecting?
move back with your family. it will be hard without their help, it's not like he is gonna help!Should I move away From My Ex, even Though we are expecting?
I would move back home with family and friends and have that needed support before the baby arrives..you should at least tell him the truth that you are returning home
go home as soon as possible, i would tell him that you are leaving and there is nothing he can do about it and if wants to be a part of the babies life then he can move closer to you. its very hard being a first time mom, let alone a single first time mom. you are going to need alot of love and support and he wont do that for you than its his loss.
carrying a baby is not exactly the easiest thing to do without much experience, love, and support ~~ i totally agree with you that u should move back home with your love ones.

it's not a bad idea that your ex wants a relationship with his child, but you must ask him if he's willing to give you 9 months of his life to take care of u until the baby comes~! ask him and tell him you'll be needing a lot of attention and care otherwise it's not good for the pregnant woman mentally~

tell him that you won't cut him off from his child, and he's more than welcome to come find u when the baby is here ~~

make some sort of deal with him so that he feels like he has a say in the situation, but try to guide him to the direction you'd want (to have someone dedicated to take care of you during ur pregnancy)
Did he ever think that living his own life and wanting to do his own thing is just as shelfish? He is going to be a father but he is acting like an idiot.

I would move home. Your ex does not know what is good for you or the baby. And since there is nothing legal holding you together, you are free to do what you want. He is not your husband nor is his name on the birth certificate yet. He can not hold you here. He does not have that kind of power. You can leave. What is he going to do to you? Realistically?

If I was you, I would get everything ready to go. Pack everything up. Write him a letter and mail it on the day you leave. That way he will get a nice surprise in the mail. And if he shows up, get a restraining order.

Just because he father a kid, does not make him a dad. He has no rights to keep you somewhere that you don't want to be. He doesn't own you or the baby.
It will be easier to move now, than later after the baby is born.

The Rat
In your situation, I would definitely move back home. If you stay where you are, chances are the father would blow off meeting with his child, and you would be all alone. I think the best solution for you and the baby is to move back home, but make sure you tell the guy. Don't argue with him when he gets angry, just call him up, tell him you're going, and leave. It's the best thing you can do here. And who knows, maybe the father will fly out to meet your child one day and they can start a relationship of their own.
He is being selfish by not putting you and the baby ahead of everything else in his life. Move back home where you will have the love and support that you need.
Oh sweetie, your the one who is RIGHT!! He's the selfish one. YES, move back by family and friends. He did wrong by you. He moved you away, got you pregnant and then kicks you to the curb! He's a dog sweetie. You deserve better and so does that baby!!

If he's that upset, he can move to your town. No, you're not being selfish at all. Many women do this. Don't forget that being a father also include child support. Congrats on the baby and good luck.
you do need help when you are having a baby. if you decide to move, tell him. he can say whatever he wants, but you're the one that's going to need the help and support of family
You should move. You need the support and you aren't going to get it where you are. You should tell him though.

He sounds like the selfish one. If he is really that concerned about having a relationship with his child he will make it work no matter where you are.
definately go back home, you need the support, what are you waiting for.
I would let him know. But you have every right to move away. You will need support now more than ever! Who better to help u than your mom? Good Luck to you

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